Dugo mo, Buhay ko! YEAR 9 (February 16, 2014)

Come and join the Greenbelt Chapel Community as we celebrate:

Age : 18-60 years old : 16-17 years old ( with consent form) Minimum Weight: 110 lbs or 50 kgs Normal Blood Pressure, Respiratory Rate and Pulse Rate on the day of the donation
Reminders before donation:
Have enough rest and sleep, minimum of 6 hours No alcohol intake 24 hours prior to blood donation. No medications for at least 24 hours prior to blood donation. Have something to eat prior to blood donation, avoid fatty foods.

After blood donation

*Drink plenty of fluids like water or juice.

*Refrain from stooping down after blood donation.

*Refrain from strenuous activities

*If there is discoloration and swelling on the punctured site,
you may apply cold compress for 24 hours and then hot compress for the next 24 hours.

*If there is dizziness, just lie down
feet elevated.

for further inquiry you may visit or call the Chapel's Office.


or you can email us at greenbeltchaplain@gmail.com

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