Intercessory Prayer Group Service Schedule – September 2011

Monday Assigned 05 Sept 12 Sept 19 Sept 26 Sept  
7:15 A.M Michele M./Noemi B. Michele M. Noemi B. Michele M. Michele M.  
12:15 noon Dalia M./Beth R. Dalia M. Beth R. Beth R. Beth R.  
5:45 P.M. Weng P.          
7:00 P.M Meredith M.          
Tuesday   06 Sept 13 Sept 20 Sept 27 Sept  
7:15 A.M Noemi B./Tito Willy B. Noemi B. Tito Willy B. Tito Willy B. Noemi B.  
12:15 noon Remy T.          
5:45 P.M Mitch C./Lulu R. Mitch C. Lulu R. Mitch C. Lulu R.  
Wednesday   07 Sept 14 Sept 21 Sept 28 Sept  
7:15 A.M Baby G. D.          
12:15 noon Remy T.          
5:45 P.M. Malou R.          
7:00 P.M. Imee D./Leah A. Imee D. Leah A. Leah A. Leah A.  
Thursday   01 Sept 08 Sept 15 Sept 22 Sept 29 Sept
7:15 A.M Tito Willy B.          
12:15 noon Tita Boots I.          
5:45 P.M Carol A.          
7:00 P.M. Honey C./Carol A. Carol A. Honey C. Honey C. Honey C. Honey C.
Friday   02 Sept 09 Sept 16 Sept 23 Sept 30 Sept
7:15 A.M. MaryRose B.          
12:15 noon Tita Boots/ Dalia M. Dalia M. Dalia M. Tita Boots Tita Boots Tita Boots
5:45 P.M. Tita Malou R.          
7:00 P.M. Cate M.          
Saturday   03 Sept 10 Sept 17 Sept 24 Sept  
12:15 P.M Connie S./ Agot D. Agot D. Agot D. Connie S. Connie S.  
4:30 P.M Lenis C.     Marissa    
6:00 P.M. Lenis C.          
Sunday   04 Sept 11 Sept 18 Sept 25 Sept  
7:15 A.M. Rexy L. / Cate M. Rexy R. Rexy R. Cate M. Rexy R.  
9:00 A.M. Josephine L.          
10:30 A.M. Laarne G.          
12:00 noon Lheng M./ Laarne G. Lheng M. Laarne G Laarne G Laarne G  
3:00 P.M Jeanette S./ Rexy L. Jeanette S. Jeanette S. Rexy R. Rexy R.  
4:30 P.M Nancy O.          
6:00 P.M. Tita Mely L.          
7:30 P.M. Marissa D. C.          

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