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Fr. Jun Sescon with the Altar Servers Group

The Altar Servers Group (ASG) is composed of devoted and committed male servants ranging from students to professionals. Altar servers or acolytes serve in the sanctuary during liturgical celebrations along with the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. They take care of all the necessary details that need to be set-up for mass, such as ensuring that all liturgical books and sacramental vessels are in place and ready for the Eucharistic celebration. They assist the Priests during Mass by performing several tasks including:

  • carrying the processional cross and processional candles during the entrance procession
  • serving water and wine during the presentation of the gifts,
  • ringing the bells,
  • preparing and carrying the censer,
  • holding the paten to catch sacred particles and
  • checking the purificators, linen and cloth used to wipe the chalice during Holy Communion

After the mass has concluded, they are responsible for ensuring that the sanctuary is clean, all vessels are cleaned, and purified.

But beyond providing opportunities for altar service, the ASG is a venue for male servants to discern their vocation and their mission in life.

Group Activities and Announcements
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