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Fr. Jun Sescon with the Information Group

If you’re blessed with creativity coupled with perseverance and patience, then the Information Group is a perfect vehicle for you to harness your talents and skills for His greater honor and glory.

The Information Group is the Chapel’s primary communication arm in informing and keeping the community involved in its various liturgical and pastoral activities through Greenleaf, its official newsletter; Mass announcements; bulletin boards; media news announcements; and information materials such as prayer cards or stampitas, banners, streamers, flyers, posters and invitations.

Tracing its roots from the Ministry of Information formed in 1991 and the reorganized Education/Information Ministry established in November 2001, the Information Group became one of the two major groups under the Education Ministry starting in 2004. It used to supervise the official website until the Information Technology Group was formed to independently fulfill the task starting this year.

Providing the information requirements of various service groups of the Chapel, the Information Group can be considered its in-house advertising and marketing agency. As such, it is composed of multi-talented and multi-tasking individuals adept in journalistic writing and editing, video and photography work, free-hand illustration and digital imaging, layout and graphic design.

Acting also as a news coverage team, the Group is tasked to document all the Chapel’s activities, events and affairs within and outside its premises through audio and video recordings and still photography, and is therefore responsible for archiving the same.

If you’re interested to join the group, you may contact its coordinator, Net Oriondo, at 0921-6523501 or If you wish to contribute to Greenleaf, email your story at

Group Activities and Announcements
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