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Fr. Jun Sescon with the Information Technology Group

The Information Technology (or the IT) Group is the “youngest” service group at the Greenbelt Chapel. Previously called the Web Subgroup and under the umbrella of the Information Group, it was given autonomy in January 2011 to become one of the main groups, to better cater to the needs of the chapel and the community in the area of information technology. Such was the birth of the IT Group.

As the chapel’s way of reaching out to the community through the use of digital media, the group is responsible for maintaining and making innovations to the chapel’s website. A variety of information pertaining to the chapel and the community are posted on the website to keep the community well-informed of facts and events.

Aside from maintaining the website, the group is also tasked to create and develop Audio-Visual Presentations (AVPs) that need to be shown during the special events of the chapel and servants’ Masses.

Group Activities and Announcements
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