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Fr. Jun Sescon with the Lectors and Commentators Group

The lay readers (commonly called lectors) perform a very important function in the liturgy. The importance of this function stems from the vital place and purpose of the readings in the liturgy. According to the Constitution on the Liturgy of the Second Vatican Council, Christ is present in His word, since it is He Himself who speaks when the Holy Scriptures are read in church. In the liturgy, God speaks to His people and Christ is still proclaiming His Gospel.

The lectors, either as proclaimers of the Word or Mass commentators, perform quite important functions in the life of the Church by:

  • reading the lessons in liturgical services (with the exception of the Gospel)
  • leading the people in the recitation or singing (cantor) of the Responsorial Psalm
  • announcing the ‘intentions’ of the Prayers of the Faithful
  • directing the singing of the people and stimulating them to active participation
  • instructing others and preparing them for the reception of the sacraments
  • preparing and instructing others for the ministry of reading

In a way, although not commissioned by the bishop, the lector can be said to have some share in the preaching ministry of the priest. The lector becomes an instrument of Christ and of His grace that is offered through the readings.

Because of the importance of the ministry in the Mass, lectors need to be prepared to perform the role effectively. They need to have an adequate knowledge of the Mass and of the Bible. Sufficient knowledge of the Scriptures and of the Mass, however, is not enough. Every lay reader should acquire a love of the Holy Scriptures and of the Mass.

On the technical aspect, since the lector is essentially a communicator, his first concern must be that his reading is intelligible, audible and effective. Thus, the lector must be able to enunciate all the sounds of the language, observe appropriate phrasing and pacing, and stress the most important words in each reading.

Given that not all are born readers, members of the Lectors and Commentators Group undergo screening and continuous technical formation.

For those who are interested to serve the Lord through this ministry, you may get in touch with Gale Launio (lee_kaisser1@yahoo.com), Chrisma C. Bangaoil (cbangaoil@yahoo.com) or Letty Aviles (yeyetavi@yahoo.com).

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