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Fr. Jun Sescon with the Liturgical Music Group

If you’re blessed with a good singing voice and have the desire to help make the Eucharistic celebration a foretaste of heaven, then the Liturgical Music Group is the right venue for you to glorify the Lord with your talent.

The Liturgical Music Group (LMG) is Greenbelt Chapel’s largest service group, consisting of more than 20 choirs, each assigned to serve in one of the chapel’s daily Masses.

Taking their inspiration from St. Augustine’s famous saying: “He who sings well prays twice”, LMG members add beauty and solemnity to liturgical celebrations through music and songs that enable the assembly to pray and celebrate well.

If you wish to be a music minister, you may contact the LMG coordinator, Puri Espeleta, at 0920-9134639 or, or assistant coordinator, Cleofe Ranollo, at 0939-1599010 or .
Fr. Jun Sescon with LMG Asst Coordinator Cleofe Ranollo and LMG Coordinator Puri Espeleta

Roster of Choral Groups:
Alay Himig
All Male Choir
Allied Bank Chorale
Archangels Choir
Ars Cantica Ensemble
Emmanuel Liturgical Choir
Fishers of Men
Himig Pag-ibig
His Morning Choir
Holy Family Choir
Lord’s Shepherds Choir
Love the Lord Choir
Mater Dei Choir
One Voice Choir
Pax Christi Pax Domini
Singing Disciples
Sta. Cruz Choir
Sto. Nino De Paz Choir
Sunshine Choir
Voice Ministry of Christ
Chorus Angelicus
Katuod ni Kristo
Male Choir

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