Pro-Life Sunday 2012

Blessing of Pregnant Women and Married Women Who Long to be Mothers

On February 5, 2012, Father Jublas Nolasco presided the 10:30 a.m. Mass at the Sto. Niño de Paz Greenbelt Chapel. The Mass was concelebrated by Father Elmer, a guest priest from Italy. Pro-life Sunday was the theme celebrated, to create awareness on the sacredness and miracle of life. “Families are called to protect life from conception to natural death. They are called to renounce the RH Bill, say no to contraceptives, and yes to natural family planning.” Aside from the destructive effects of contraceptives to unborn babies, to mothers’ health, degradation of the sacredness of the sacrament of marriage and promotion of the spread of AIDS, the RH Bill is based on wrong economics according to Simon Kuznet, Nobel Prize winner in the science of economics. He has proven that there is no clear correlation between population growth and economic development. Further, Michael Spence, another Nobel Prize winner and head of Commission on Growth and Development, said that population control is not among the five ingredients to growth – only governance, openness to knowledge, stable finances, market allocation, and investment and savings.

An AVP was played before the start of the Mass to inform the parishioners on the development of the fetus from conception. It also reminded everyone that God is the creator of life, that He knows each and every one of us, that each of us is created unique and a blessing from God.

Father Nolasco’s homily focused on the Gospel, which talked about the healing of the mother-in-law of Peter. He informed both servants and parishioners, who assisted in the said Mass, what healing really is, stating further that a healed person is also given a healthy mind, spirit and body. There is wholeness, balance and beauty that lead to a greater capability to love, celebrate life, and be holy by giving “life” to others. He asked all those present if they have already invited Jesus to enter into their homes, relationships, and work places, and whether they believed that Jesus is, indeed, healing them every day – the kind of healing that will spread to the whole city. When a person receives healing, that person will be able to enter into prayer, so that he/she can be a blessing to others. Jesus took away our infirmities and bore our diseases. He always started His day going to a place of solitude to pray to draw strength from the Father.

After Holy Communion, Father Nolasco blessed the pregnant and married women who long to be mothers. He reminded them that God continues to redeem and nourish all of us.

- by Michele L. Mariquit

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