With Renewed Hearts…

This is our offering and prayer as Greenbelt Chapel celebrates its 35th Anniversary.

A pleasing and perfect offering comes from the heart. Gratitude, they say, is the memory of the heart. What comes from the heart is from the depths of a person. As we praise and thank the Lord, may the community of Greenbelt Chapel serve and celebrate from the heart. May our words and works be truly genuine and sincere so that they may reach the heart of God. Anything that does not come from the heart of man and does not reach the heart of God is incomplete.

As we look to the future, as we strive to touch the hearts of more people in the business district, may we be agents of renewal. May we be renewed by the Holy Spirit. We must first be renewed before we can renew others. Being renewed means living in the presence of God, who is ever ancient, ever new. Being renewed means to be fired up by God’s spirit in proclaiming and incarnating the Good News.

Let us therefore celebrate our anniversary with renewed hearts!
Let us go out and renew more hearts for the Lord!

God bless us always!

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