Redefining #UBE

In the popular world of social media, #UBE means Ultimate Bonding Experience. However, in the community of Greenbelt Chapel it is redefined with the words – Ultimate Blessing Encounter – through which the chapel launches a new way to experience the Holy Eucharist. The Encounter aims to touch the spiritual and prayer lives of our mass goers, especially the young adults.

This happens every Thursday at seven in the evening. The Encounter starts with a brief teaching on the Word of God followed by the call to the Holy Spirit to fill the attendees before starting the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. The choice of music and some unique format set apart the Ecounter from the traditional mass. To give a hip vibe while maintaining a prayerful mood, the Encounter mass is celebrated with modern liturgical music played in acoustics. The Prayers of the Faithful also involves personal moments with body movements and spiritual gestures. The highlight of the celebration is the prayerful silence after receiving the Holy Communion. This allows one to have a deeper communion and communication with Jesus, followed by a song surrendering all doubts and fears to the Lord.

Through the Encounter, the Greenbelt Chapel continuously serves as a spiritual oasis for the busy people of Makati, making new effort to give us an experience where we truly encounter Jesus. As such, the true #UBE is born with #UltimateBlessingEncounter. Come and share in this awesome celebration. Bring your friends and see you every Thursday at 7pm!

Source: Marvyn Acantilado

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